How To Keep Your Kitchen Spotless?

Let me start this with the core point itself; the biggest secret of a spotless kitchen is to clean on the spot, without procrastinating. If you spill something, clean it up then and there. Accidently got a little Nutella on the fridge shelf? Wipe it immediately. Keep a sponge or a towel ready, just for this. Remember to always keep this towel clean and smelling nice. Wipe every surface after using them, whether or not they look dirty to your naked eye. You don’t have to bombard your kitchen with chemicals every time you do this, a little wet towel would suffice, as long as you routinely clean your kitchen with cleaning agents every once in a while.

Pay attention to the tiny details. You know the corner of the base of the tap? That needs to spotless too. The rims of your children’s water bottles? Hello! They drink water in it. Do your tile cleaning often.

When you do your tile cleaning, make sure to try your best to get the grout line spotless too.

Discard old and dirty looking mugs and pans and plates and what not. They are the culprits that always drag the whole look of your kitchen down with them. Invest in trendy canisters. Always keep your trash cans very clean. Wipe your appliances quite often, so that they don’t have stains growing on them with crusted food debris. Clean your fridge every once in a while. Wipe down its shelves and discard all the unusable items, at least every week.

As mentioned above, keep your cleaning items clean. Your wash clothes, towels etc. Cannot be dirtier than the surface you are going to clean with it. Clean the sink, and the faucet every single day, preferably at the end of the day. Sweep the floor at least once a day. Do not let dishes accumulate in the sink. Keep washing them on the go.

If you are famous for spilling water everywhere, or being clumsy generally, make sure you get a bid old towel just below the sink, before you start doing your dishes. Wet floors get dirtier much quicker than dry ones. So I is very important to keep your floor and other surfaces dry and at all times.

If you are able to keep the kitchen neat while you’re cooking, that is 90% of your cleaning already done there. Have a little bowl as you mobile garbage bin, while you are cooking. Put all your cooking waste in there, before you could finally dump it all in the real trash can. This will save you a lot of time and effort because now you don’t have to walk up to the trash can every time you want to throw something. If you drop something, pick it up instantly. If you spill something, clean up instantly. Do you measuring over the sink, so that you don’t get flu or sugar all over your work surface, requiring a lean up. Clean and wipe in between your cooking space, and do not be in a rush.