Why Foundations Need To Be Strong?

“Without a strong foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value”. A strong foundation is the basis of all structures; if the foundation is strong we can build or rebuild anything on it. Therefore for a construction, be it a mine, school, road, lighthouses, harbour, hospital or a commercial property, establishing a strong base should be done by any means.

Why do we need to install piles?

Construction of structures face different challenges; eg: sometimes the soil for the construction is unstable, contaminated, saturated soil, deep sand or water charged. However, with the help of screw piles the constructions on such conditions can be made stronger. This is a job that need to done very carefully, as the safety of whole structure would base on such pilling system.

Choosing the right contractor:

Each and every person or a contractor can undertake such tasks, however, given the specialization of the job one has to be mindful in choosing the contractors for accomplishing such an important task. It is always better to go for a contractor who is experienced in the field; they are able to give you a customized solution as per your need. Choose a contractor who does the designing, engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of such screw piles, as they have mastered the field and sure to deliver a quality output. Having a one stop solution is much better than going for many contractors. Their experience are so vast, that they are aware exactly how much time it takes to complete a project undertaken in this field, thus get the job done within the specific time period. There is a huge risk, prolonging any construction project. If these foundation stage work are not completed on time, it affects the cost, scope and manpower of the entire project and could lead into negative consequences.

The positive impact on the environment:

Screw Piles installation has great benefits on the environment. They are an anchoring system made with steel. Steel is an environmental friendly material.

  • Energy consumption is less on steel when compared with other material like concrete.
  • Energy resources consumed by steel are comparatively less than that of concrete
  • Steel is easy to recycle and it produces a better secondary product than concrete could produce
  • Air and water pollution is considerably less when using steel
  • Global warming factor is about 7% less than that of concrete
    In view of all above facts, it is recommended that when you plan to carry out construction, to consult a professional pilling contractor.Finally, make sure this person is something who can take you throughout the entire custom made process from the consultation until the end of installation of such screw piers for any foundation, that will suite your construction.